Permeable Paving Solutions in Perth

Permeable Pavers

Here at Exposed Concrete – WA, we currently have 2 paving products suitable for water permeability, surface stabilisation and soil erosion. If you’re looking to get permeable pavers, let the experts at Exposed Concrete – WA help you. We complete work to the highest standards to ensure a long-lasting and highly durable end product.

  GeoTrack (Rigid)

  GeoTrack (Flexible)

Each product is back filled with your desired aggregate or permeable infill material to provide the following benefits:

• Onsite storm-water retention, saves on drainage requirements
• Load support system which minimises surface rutting & erosion
• Environmentally friendly and cost effective
• Creates a cooler surface
• Ease of installation

Typical Applications:

• Residential pavements & driveways
• Site access roads, trails and walkways
• Golf courses & caravan park driveways and parking areas
• Load supporting surfaces requiring drainage permeability
• Transportation and storage yards
• Equestrian centres, stables and livestock farm lot applications
• Parking solutions for council crossovers
• Sports grounds
• Grass-paving

To get a hands on feel of our two permeable paving products, visit our display centre in Perth today.

What is Permeable Concrete?

Permeable concrete, otherwise known as pervious or porous concrete, is an alternative to permeable paving. Permeable concrete is a fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs storm water off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways, removing the need for costly storm water collection systems such as dedicated drainage and soak well requirements.

Why is Permeable Pavement Important?

Due to the porous nature of permeable concrete, water is able to drain through the surface into the subbase below, recharging the soil whilst satisfying local council requirements. Porous concrete can also trap suspended solids and function as a filter for pollutants in stormwater.

How Long Does Permeable Concrete Last?

Pervious concrete, which is also known as permeable or porous concrete, is an incredibly strong and highly durable material. Parking areas that have been properly designed and constructed with porous concrete will last 20-40 years with little or no maintenance.

If you’re interested in getting a permeable concrete driveway, choose Exposed Concrete – WA for the best results. To get a hands on feel of our permeable concrete paving products, visit our display centre in Perth today.