Frequently Asked Questions

Exposed Concrete – WA is the most reputable installer of exposed aggregate & honed concrete in Perth, Western Australia. For information on our exposed aggregate concrete prices and more, view our FAQs below.

» Why choose Exposed Concrete - WA?

Exposed Concrete – WA is Perth’s preferred choice in decorative concrete, being the largest and most reputable company in the industry. We offer a well-planned, personal approach to each and every job, so when you choose Exposed Concrete – WA for your concreting services, you can rest assure that your project is being completed to the highest quality in the most professional manner.

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» What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete has become increasingly popular in Perth homes over the last few years and is becoming a common interior feature. But what is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is simply concrete that has been polished to create a glossy, mirror-like look. The process involves treating the concrete with a chemical densifier to fill the pores, blemishes, remove stains, achieve a better shine and create a solid foundation for smoothing. Densifying the concrete will also make the surface less permeable to liquids. The surface is then ground using a finer grinding tool to create a high-gloss finish. The level of shine can easily be controlled, for a high shine a finer grinder can be used and for a longer period of time.

Why has polished concrete become so popular in Perth? Because of its versatility. When using polished concrete, you’re able to choose the colour, pattern, level of shine and reflectivity and embed options. It’s easy to maintain and has many additional benefits, including being:

• Dust free and hypoallergenic
• Seamless
• Hard wearing
• Light reflective
• Stain and scratch resistant
• It has low long-term maintenance costs

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» How long until I can walk or drive on my newly poured exposed aggregate?

Your new aggregate concrete floor will need time to cure and dry before any traffic has access. We highly recommend waiting a full day before walking on it and at least 7 days before driving on it. This is to ensure it is fully cured and has had the time to reach its optimal strength.

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» Why choose exposed aggregate concrete over traditional concrete pavers?

Exposed aggregate concrete has quickly become the preferred choice of concrete paving in Perth. This is due to it not only being hard-wearing and sturdy but also decorative.

Aggregate concrete embraces the natural textures and look of its chosen material (pebbles, stones, etc) and can come in an array of colour and aggregate combinations.

One of the biggest selling points for exposed / washed aggregate over traditional paving is that it completely removes the problem of weeds and ants’ nests. Another advantage of using exposed / washed aggregate over pavers is that the movement and/or sagging of the paving is eliminated.

Not only does exposed aggregate look better than traditional pavers, but it also has many functional benefits, such as:

• Tailored designed options
• Robust and durable
• Suited for contemporary and commercial use
• Adds dimension to an area
• Endless aggregate mixture options
• Low maintenance
• Modern and stylish
• Can be used for both indoor and outdoor use
• Great for driveways and footpaths
• Perfect for outdoor areas e.g. alfresco dining and swimming pool areas

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» How much does decorative concrete cost and what are your prices?

You may feel that decorative concrete services in Perth are expensive. However, when you consider the durability, strength and longevity of the product, combined with little maintenance, there is no other product on the market, which will offer better value for money. Decorative concrete is a high quality value-adding product, which will enhance your home and landscaping requirements. To find out more about our decorative concrete prices, contact us today by calling Chris on 0430 788 150 or Mark on 0417 998 919.

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» Exposed Concrete is over my budget, what other options are there?

Ask Exposed Concrete – WA about our budget minded exposed concrete mix. We can also provide colour options for general purpose concrete mixes. Or simply ask Exposed Concrete – WA about our ezy pay payment options. Terms & conditions apply.

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» Will reinforcing mesh get installed in my concrete?

Yes, Exposed Concrete – WA are one of the few companies to install reinforcing mesh to all areas of your decorative concrete, regardless of whether its trafficable or pedestrian areas. Reinforcing mesh is positioned within your concrete to ensure shrinkage cracking is kept to a minimum and to keep the structural integrity of your concrete sound.

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» Will you cut my concrete and what is its purpose?

Yes, Exposed Concrete – WA will install control cuts into your concrete at positions we feel are most suitable to help control cracking. These cuts are not meant to be decorative, but more a measure to assist with controlling cracks.

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» Why do you use expansion foam?

Changes in temperature and weather conditions will cause all building products to expand and contract. As a result, Exposed Concrete – WA (where necessary & possible) will separate concrete from abutting brickwork or other structures by installing a layer of expansion foam. This layer of foam will assist with minimizing the potential of cracking.

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» Will my concrete crack?

The short answer is potentially. Over time, all concrete has the potential to crack and it’s an inherent part of the curing process. Additionally, there are numerous site, subsoil, infrastructure conditions and weather conditions that are out of our control, so over time you may see that your concrete has cracked. However, in saying this, Exposed Concrete – WA will ensure that we will do everything we possibly can to minimize and limit cracking by way of installing mesh and control cuts into your concrete. Most concrete cracks will generally appear in our control cuts, but occasionally cracks may occur. At Exposed Concrete – WA , we cannot guarantee that cracking to your concrete won’t happen, as this issue is out of our control. You will find that no other company in the Industry will guarantee against cracking.

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» Does my decorative concrete get sealed?

All of our exposed and honed concrete in Perth will be sealed upon completion, as a part of our standard inclusion. Once the concrete has been set, we will acid wash and high pressure clean the concrete in a controlled manner to help enhance its appearance and uniformity. Once completed, we will then apply two coats of our solvent-based acrylic sealer to showcase, protect and then seal in the natural beauty of the finished product.

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» There are variations in my finished concrete, why is this?

Our decorative concrete in Perth is a natural product consisting of cement and quarried products, such as sand and stone, which is supplied by concrete companies. These natural products may cause variations in the colour, texture and final finish of the product.

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For further information, feel free to contact us, or simply visit our showroom in Perth.