Quality Coloured Concrete in Perth

Exposed aggregate coloured concrete in Perth is a decorative form of architectural concrete paving and is the most cost-effective and practical choice for all upmarket paving applications.

When it comes to decorative coloured concrete in Perth, the possibilities are endless. The nature of the product makes it highly versatile and lends itself to being used for a host of different applications around homes across WA – driveways, alfresco areas, pool surrounds, garden/lawn edging, decorative slabs, etc.

At Exposed Concrete – WA, our specialist tradies excel, where others fail. We have built and maintained our reputation on the jobs that others cannot do – things like steps and cantilevered pool edges, make us one of the few elite companies in Perth capable of completing projects like these on a regular basis. Our expert team can achieve endless possibilities with concrete aggregate in Perth, with no job too big or small. Look no further than Exposed Concrete – WA for a high-quality finish and expert workmanship on your next exposed aggregate concrete project in Perth, all for a competitive price.

When it comes to coloured concrete, the possibilities are endless.

Finally, for your peace of mind, our concrete installations will include reinforcing mesh, being poured 100mm thick for trafficable areas and 80mm thick for pedestrian areas. To complete the installation, the exposed concrete in Perth is professionally sealed as a part of the package.

Exposed Concrete vs. Traditional Concrete Pavers

Part of the allure of exposed aggregate concrete is the natural textures that shine through, and the array of colours and aggregate combinations it comes in, making it a popular and stylish choice for coloured concrete in Perth. In addition to being incredibly durable and hard-wearing, exposed concrete is also low maintenance and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Not only does it look better, exposed concrete outperforms traditional concrete pavers by removing the problem of weeds and ants’ nests and the issue of movement and sagging of the paving is completely eliminated.

How Long Before I Can Walk on Newly Poured Exposed Aggregate?

To ensure the aggregate concrete is fully cured and has reached optimal strength, we highly recommend waiting a full day before walking on it and at least seven days before driving on it.


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Wide Range of Coloured Concrete Shades Available

Both modern and stylish, aggregate concrete embraces the natural textures of materials such as pebble and stone. The result is endless aggregate mixture and colour options to suit your vision. Explore the wide range of colours and aggregate combinations available at Exposed Concrete – WA below.