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Pool Concrete Surrounds & Capping in Perth

If there’s one thing the team at Exposed Concrete – WA are good at, it’s creating stunning outdoor areas. We specialise in not only creating sleek, stylish driveways and garages, but pool areas too. Gone are the days of needing pool capping, instead; complete your Perth home with seamless concrete pool surrounds that allows your concrete paving to run right up to the pool edge.

Our seamless pool capping is the perfect addition to your outdoor area and comes in an array of different textures, colours and styles. Part of the Exposed Concrete – WA experience is working closely with our design experts to choose a concrete product that will complement your home’s exterior and surrounding landscape.

No home is complete without Exposed Concrete – WA pool surrounds and pool capping. If you’d like to have our experts visit your Perth residence for a quote and design consultation, contact us today to make an appointment.

Breathe New Life into Your Pool Surrounds with Exposed Concrete – WA

Let us spoil you for choice with one of the largest ranges of decorative concrete pool surrounds and pool capping in Perth. Our exposed aggregate concrete pool surrounds are highly versatile, practical and require little maintenance. While honed concrete pool surrounds have a smooth finish and are easy underfoot. The decision is up to you because with Exposed Concrete – WA , you can create your own design and style, choosing between our range of colours and patterns to create the look you’ve always wanted.

To ensure your wet feet are safe from slipping, our pool concrete surrounds and pool capping can come installed with a non-slip sealer, which can be applied to any honed concrete surface around your pool.

Will My Concrete Crack Over Time?

In short, all concrete has the potential to crack as it is an inherent part of the curing process. There are also other conditions such as the site, subsoil, infrastructure and weather that may affect your pool concrete surrounds in Perth over time. With this in mind, Exposed Concrete – WA has measures in place to minimise and limit cracking as much as we can through the installation of mesh and control cuts.

Does My Decorative Concrete Get Sealed?

At Exposed Concrete – WA , every concrete pool surrounds project we complete in Perth will be sealed as part of our standard inclusion. Once the concrete sets, it then goes through an acid wash and high pressure clean to enhance its appearance and uniformity. The natural beauty of the final product is then protected and sealed with two coats of our solvent-based acrylic sealer.

Why Choose Exposed Concrete – WA ?

Over the years, EXCO WA has built a solid reputation as the preferred choice by builders, architects and designers for concrete pool surrounds and pool capping across Perth. From large property developments to small residential backyard transformations, we’re dedicated to providing a high-quality finish on every project. For superior workmanship, an outstanding level of customer service and a flawless pool surround for your Perth residential or strata property, talk to the experts at EXCO WA.

For more information on our decorative concrete pool surrounds in Perth, contact us or visit our CBD display today!